Mike Fullerton

Software Architect and Entrepeneur

Mike is a life long developer and has worked at many companies, but most notably at Apple and Microsoft.

At Apple he designed and refactored code for the MacApp framework, beginning a long and fanatical career of abstracting code.

After Apple, he worked for a dozen or so years as a senior software engineer at Microsoft. His favorite role at Microsoft was working as developer lead on Entourage in the Mac Business Unit (Entourage was later renamed to Outlook for Mac). He also worked on Internet Explorer for Mac and Outlook Express for Mac. Mike later worked on Hotmail and Windows Live Calendar, where he learned a heck of a lot about SQL and .Net, and also enough Javascript and Css to be dangerous.

Mike is now focused on iOS development and building GreenTongue Software. He has architected FishLamp, a framework for building apps on iOS and Mac OS X.

Mike loves string cheese *, spaceships, writing amazing apps, and writing about himself in the third person.

* Will not work for string cheese but will work for a spaceship. Maybe.